Kicking off 2016 with my new storefront featuring original drawings titled the Sometimes Series! A whimsical bat consumed by flames is calming himself by harnessing the inherent power of breath. Beginning each phrase with "Sometimes" evokes the mundane, stressful, situations we all experience in our everyday lives.  These are daily meditations on the standard EGBOK. My goal is to connect with people across the globe using the universal understanding that air is the most important resource to survival. Check them all out!


Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition Dazed & Confused,a selection of contemporary artworks from the next generation of artists exhibiting that ineffable “aesthetic emotion,” when the viewer is moved completely by the formal qualities of art.

Dazed & Confused features Grant Barnhart, Bhakti Baxter, Kelsey Brookes, James Clar, Evie Falci, Ted Gahl, Field Kallop, Andrew Kuo, Pryce Lee, Brian Porray, Jaime Scholnick, Jen Stark and Ryan Wallace.

May 24- June 15 2014

2014 Armory Presents NY

This March I have the pleasure of exhibiting with one of my favorite artists, Jeffry Mitchell, at Armory Presents.

This year marks the inaugural edition of Armory Presents on Pier 94, an expanded and re-branded take on Solo Projects, a section of the fair formerly dedicated to single artist presentations exhibited by young galleries. Armory Presents has broadened the scope of the original mission to provide exposure to the work of newly established galleries by granting additional display space and prominence to the section on-site. Additionally, projects will now include the work of up to two artists curated to reflect the nuanced programming of these cutting-edge international galleries.

The Armory Show 

March 6-9, 2014  Pier 94